Refugee Sponsorship and Settlement

Mission and Values 

Refugee Sponsorship and Settlement  works with the many men, women and children associated with the Grainery  who have come to this country as refugees from war-torn Central Africa.  Many of them have been through horrific experiences and lost husbands,  parents, children, and, for some, their own dignity, in the most  shocking of circumstances.

Our hope is to offer support practically and socially as refugees make the transition to settle into Australia.

How we have helped

  • Finding housing for refugees – we have placed  several families in rent affordable, quality housing
  • Driving Instruction – we have provided both qualified instruction  (free) and people to help with practice – “getting the hours up”
  • Loans to families for the purpose of beginning employment/small  business or, for helping to bring family members to Australia from  dangerous situations
  • Provision of cheap groceries, Op shop items and personal goods via  “Foodcare” which opens three days per week and is used by many migrant  families. Groceries etc are up to 25% of the retail price
  • Weekly African language services at the Grainery
  • The sponsoring of an African choir, made up of adults, teenagers and  young adults, sings at community events, churches, special functions eg  weddings. (We are currently considering launching a children’s choir).
  • Children’s programs and youth programs – including school holiday  programs eg trips to the Easter Show, water safety/beach safety programs  in conjunction with local surf clubs, home-school liason.
  • Cultural evenings/workshops taught by local professionals – doctors,  nutritionist/dieticians etc – covering such topics as How to Find Work,  Nutrition, Personal Hygiene, Health and Safety, Renting a House (bonds,  care of property etc)
  • Support for rites of passage eg child dedications, marriage celebrations etc
  • Welcoming new arrivals and providing welcome packs containing personal essentials
  • A “Family to Family” partnership program in which an established  Australian family is partnered with a newly arrived family and supports  them with transport, friendship, practical help, offers hospitality,  help finding work, support in times of crisis eg visiting  hospitals/doctors etc
  • Help with official documents eg helping with the immigration visa  applications for spouses/children who are still in Africa etc to re-join  their families
  • Support for participation in community multi-cultural events eg Refugee Week and “Welcome to Australia” celebrations
  • “HOPE Learning Centre” – providing help with school, TAFE and Uni homework at an afternoon support centre
  • Community Transport on our Grainery Care Bus
  • Support for fee payment to increase participation in sport

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